Molding the Future as Portugal´s top precision mold maker company

Quality, respect for deadlines and innovation, all demanded by our customers and partners, are the path we follow to achieve excellence.

Our goal is to grow as a precision mold maker company, evolve in terms of supply, guarantee more quality, invest in technology and human capital to meet the complexity of the work we do, and innovate by creating new solutions.

We may meet the expectations and needs of our customers only with the commitment and motivation of all members of the GLN team.

Our commitment is to meet the needs of interested parties, ensuring their satisfaction, trust and loyalty.


The GLN group aspires to be a global leader, renowned for its excellence in the molds and highly technical level plastic injection industry, becoming a reference in Portugal as a precision mold maker company.


Create sustainable value for its stakeholders, meeting the most demanding needs and expectations of customers, sustaining the search and development of innovative solutions for products and processes, and investing in training as the main vehicle for adding value to all its employees.

GLN’s Mission is based on 4 pillars:

Create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Fully satisfy customer expectations.

Constant focus on innovation as a factor of sustainability.

Organizational Development
Investment in employees´ training to increase their value.


In the exercise of its activity, GLN promotes, privileges and will not give up on the following values:

Promote excellence throughout the organization.

Promote meritocracy and reward individual and team performance.

Act in an exemplary manner, promoting mutual respect among all partners.

Commitment to act in a socially responsible manner.

Once upon a time



Business started in the garage

Creation of a small family business, registered under the name of Mr. Leonel Costa. Manufacture of parts and mold elements. At that time, the complete mold was not manufactured yet.


Birth of L. N. Moldes

Manufacture of small and medium sized molds for electrical industry, appliances and packaging. Manufacture of compression molds for the electrical industry in the USA that, due to the nature of the executed projects, was the origin of attention to details and quality.


ISO 9001 Certification

The first certification reflects the quality and level of rigor that L. N. showed in 1997, as a result of the sophistication and demand of its customers.


Growth and specialization

In addition to the US market, with the entry of the Euro, Europe has become a preferential market, within which automotive customers occupy a favoured place. Great experience in thin-thickness molds and multiple cavities molds. Remarkable growth in the plastic injection unit through large production projects for the automotive industry.


Completion of the new facilities of L. N.

LN Plás (Plastics Division) occupies new and modern facilities with 20 injection machines. Injection of parts for the automotive and electrical industry.


ISO TS16949 Certification

Certification obtained in 2006 was another step in the evolution of offer and knowledge of LN teams. The increase not only in injection projects for plastic parts but also in customers in the automotive industry meant greater demands for quality and excellence.


Delta Q Capsules

Beginning of our partnership with Delta. Partnership with Campo Maior Company, a leader in the production and marketing of coffee, was the result of innovation and collaboration in the development of the Delta Q capsule technical solution.


25th Anniversary Celebration

Without the presence of its founder, a reference figure for all employees, LN celebrates its 25th anniversary with pride in the past and aware of future challenges.


Acquisition by Gestmin Group

Gestmin SGPS acquires all capital of LN Moldes and LN Plás. Thanks to the values, culture and history in the Portuguese industry of Champalimaud family, the future of LN is assured. The new owner’s strategy has provided the direction and stability that the company needed to leverage its knowledge and client portfolio.


Creation of the new logo

During this first year of GLN in Gestmin, a series of changes and new projects were initiated to ensure a successful future for GLN. Quality, deadline times and innovation that customers demand every day is the path to achieve excellence. We have a strategy; we know the path and these are the foundations to ensure the future of GLN. Now we transmit our values with a new brand and a new signature.


Internationalization - GLN Mexico

GLN has opened a new plant in Mexico, in San Juan del Río (Querétaro), devoted to the maintenance and repair of molds, including the sales representative, in association with Compartc, a Mexican company specializing in injection technologies.


Acquisition of Famolde

GLN acquires 100% of FAMOLDE’s capital, a mold production and marketing company that has a plastic injection area, located in Marinha Grande.


New Delta line

Inauguration of the second Delta Q line at the Albergaria de Famolde facility.


Manuel Champalimaud

Gestmin takes the name of the founder, changing the corporate identity into Manuel Champalimaud Group.

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