Development of ECOefficient Production System for PLASTic Components


ECO2PLAST | Development of ECOefficient Production System for PLASTic Components
Project Number| POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017637 | Portugal Central and North
Project Number| LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-017637 Lisbon

The ECO2PLAST project aims at developing a solution for plastic injection systems, comprised by a monitored automated production line and by an economic and environmental performance management solution, in a single integrated system. This solution should be capable of model and estimate the performance and monitor the system process and equipment, in real time. The integrated solution supports the challenges that are arising with Industrial Revolution 4.0, which are particularly focused on efficiency, sustainability and the rational use of resources.

  • Implementation Period | 2017-06-01 to 2019-11-30
    Approval Date | 2017-06-05
    Main Goal | Promote research, technological development and innovation

    Total eligible cost | 620.222,16 EUR
    Funding | FEDER 114.934,21 EUR GLN PLAST | 63.753,61 EUR GLN MOLDS

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