EVOLUTIOnary Accelerator for Continuous Segment Growth


MARKET 4.0 – EVOLUTIO | Evolutionary Accelerator for Continuous Segment Growth
Project Number | Grant Agreement N. 822064


MARKET 4.0 – A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product Service Systems

The objective of MARKET4.0 is to define, develop and validate an open multi-sided marketplace, based on a trusted P2P data sharing infrastructure for Industry 4.0, that brings together Industrial Product Service Systems (IPSS) providers (supply side) and OEMs as their customers (demand side). It will allow direct interaction among the different sides to improve the sales power of production equipment SMEs. MARKET4.0 will offer advanced web-presence of production equipment SMEs extended by functionalities such as simulations, VR/AR capabilities and a P2P (Industrial Data Space) offering smart user-services and a secure API to try and test the Digital Twin of the production equipment, on top supplier and customer data. This will facilitate direct transactions between market peers (supplier-to-supplier, supplier-to-customer, customer-to-suppliers and more) during the entire B2B lifecycle, i.e. from equipment search to procurement and commissioning. MARKET4.0 will create trust in the business transactions between SME production equipment manufacturers and their customers, as an integral element of the Industrial Data Space (IDS) reference architecture. It includes technological trust (simulation before purchasing), financial trust (Blockchain distributed ledger technology for secure payment), delivery and (anonymized) feedback. In MARKET4.0 the supply side (mainly SMEs) may offer a) production equipment, b) services that extend the capabilities of the production equipment, c) production equipment as a service and d) collaborative engineering services. The marketplace will generate additional value by providing engineering services and acting as a mediator between suppliers and customers.



EVOLUTIO is an experiment that aims to help industrial companies to penetrate the competitive markets for the production of metal components for thermoplastic injection services and for the production of plastic parts through the implementation of these industrial services by using tools able to fast analyze costing and production times to provide an efficient response to customer demands. To do this, the functionalities provided by the existing manufacturing data tools i.e., Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and by the Production Management tools i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be integrated with MARKET 4.0 service platform through specific IoT Gateway capable of integrating company production process information and the tools of the MARKET 4.0 in a secure way by using IDS connectors.

The experimentation is carried on by the EVOLUTIO consortium that is composed of two industrial companies – GLN MOLDS and GLN PLAST, that participate as end users and demonstrators of MARKET 4.0 tools for the metals and plastics sectors, supported by two software development and solution integration companies – Pragma-IoT responsible for the development of the platform (equipped with embedded intelligence) able to parameterize and extend intelligent algorithms for real-time monitoring, malfunction and anomalies detection, predictions, abnormal behaviour detection, etc. enabling the optimization of machine settings and production monitoring and Energy@Work (E@W) that will manage the activities related to the further development and deployment of the app solution supporting the end-users in the utilization of the MARKET 4.0 services and EVOLUTIO data and apps management.

  • Implementation Period MARKET 4.0 | 2018-11-01 to 2022-04-30

    Implementation Period EVOLUTIO | 2020-11-01 to 2021-10-31

    Approval Date | 2020-09-30

    Total eligible cost | 100 000,00 EUR

    Funding | DT-NMBP-20-2018 / 100 000,00 EUR | 23 000,00 EUR GLN MOLDS | 20 000,00 EUR GLN PLAST | 28 500,00 EUR Energy@Work | 28.500,00 EUR PRAGMA-IoT

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